The Hell’s Angels punch up that the press made such a fuss about was a very small, isolated incident of drunken male egos.  In fact, the Hell’s Angels that I brought in for backstage security, who the year before had worked at Bath Festival doing the same job, did the best they could under the circumstances.   

Another memorable event was a couple had arranged to get married at the church which was right in the middle of the festival  They arrived with their families and the Bishop of Colchester to marry them.  The church was full of hippies as well.  One thing that very few people were aware of was that three days before the Festival Vic Speck’s (who died a few years ago) five-year old daughter drowned in a pond in their garden, which was of course devastating to him and all his family.  He was committed to continuing the festival against all odds because he was such an integral part of the organisation.  Without him the festival would have descended into chaos.  His untiring work, along with other members of The Round Table and the kindness and love of all the local people made Weeley Festival one of the most remembered and loved events of that era.  It was a time of no mobile phones, and no computers it is remarkable that such a huge event managed to happen without too many major problems.  We got by with a little help from our friends...

This site is therefore dedicated to all those people who made Weeley Festival happen, both behind and in front of the scenes.  Also, to those people who keep the spirit of Weeley going - this is for you and  for my eldest daughter Katy who has also just turned 40 and still a festival goer.  

Rock on!

 Colin King

© 2011 Colin King