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Burundi Black  was a record that I played
throughout the festival.  It arrived in the
post the day before and I thought it was
amazing then and still do now.
Adam Ant used it as part of his signature
sound. This is its 1971 original.
The Edgar Broughton Band

The show kicked off at 9 p.m., Friday night on 27th August 1971 with a couple of local DJs playing records.  I arrived on stage to announce the first band on who were called Hackensack.  There is not much information about this band on the internet except this.  I couldn’t find any video of them but you can listen to them on the audio page which will put you in the mood for the rest of the show.  

This was followed by Principal Edwards Magic Theatre Also on my audio page

Next, The Edgar Broughton Band who were one of the most well-known underground bands from London.  They were managed by Blackhill Enterprises, originally founded by members of Pink Floyd.  This organisation put on the free Hyde Park festivals and the Band would travel around London with all their equipment set up on the back of a lorry and just stop and play. Some of the band played on the Spirit of ‘71 stage at Glastonbury this year and are still gigging so I’ve included a ‘45’ of them playing their most famous number Out Demons Out’.

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“This festival is not a "Bread Trip,"' every penny it makes will go to aid Save the Children Fund, Shelter, Release and other important community charities. That means any damage done on the site, which has been given free by two local farmers, will have to be paid for out of the charity take. We feel that the best way to say thank you to the farmers for letting us have thelr land is to leave it the way we found it. “

The Promoters of Weeley Festival,  Round Table vice-chairman Vic Speck and Peter Gibbs, a past chairman.