Hi, my name is Colin King.

40 years ago I was invited by Clacton Round Table to help them put on a festival on a farm in Weeley, Essex for charity.

I thought that this year, 2011, I would put on a

40th Anniversary Weeley Reunion Festival

and have been investigating how many of the bands were still active.

Amazingly, almost all of them are still going, with the sad exceptions of Marc Bolan,  Rory Gallagher, Wooley Woolstenholme and Peter Barden.  

There will of course be members of the audience and crew who are also now at that big rock festival in the sky.

Having decided that a reunion was possible I began to look at the logistics. I then realised that not only was I too old to make it happen again but my audience were all now granddads and grannies, like me.  All wrinkleys, yuck. Isn’t old age undignified?

So I decided to be in the modern world  and put on a Virtual Festival instead.

On this site you will find videos of nearly all the bands thanks to Youtube  (don’t you just love ‘em?), and my story which hasn’t been told before.


who have kept the spirit of Weeley alive.

And to Ray Clark of BBC Radio Essex

Who is presenting an hour long radio show this Bank Holiday Monday

At mid-day about Weeley Festival

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