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Juicy Lucy
Status Quo

Juicy Lucy were a Blues band who had had a Top Twenty hit with Who Do You Love?  This video is one of two clips from a film that they appeared in at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival called Bread.

They are still gigging

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Status Quo didn’t really come on stage until dawn.  They started the day off with a storming set.  They are one of the few bands who had a huge career following Weeley and are still going to this day with an international fanbase.  This video is one of their earlier pieces, when they had just made the transition from pop to rock group.  Like all the videos on this site, clicking through the centre will take you through to Youtube where if you are a Status Quo fan there are many other videos.    

I’d been at Weeley for 2 days beforehand so I’m not sure whether I actually saw them or whether I was snoozing at this stage!